MT2 and the Saint-Joseph University (USJ) sign a MoU

With the beginning of 2020, MT2 is pleased to announce the signature of its MoU with Saint-Joseph University (USJ).

For over a decade, INCI graduate Mr. Naji Bouhabib, CEO and Founder of MT2 and apps2you, had initiated a solid collaboration with INCI. Today a majority of MT2’s leadership and other key-positions are held by INCI and ESIB alumni. MT2 has also maintained a yearly tradition by awarding “LE PRIX MT2” to FI’s distinguished graduating talent.

We would like to thank Pr Salim Daccache S.J., Pr Wassim Raphaël, Pr Fadi Geara, Pr Carla Eddé, Pr Hadi Sawaya, Pr Marc Ibrahim and all those who contributed from USJ and MT2 for their valuable input.

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